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Ian Blythe takes the win in a start-to-finish victory at round two of the West Hare Scramble Championship…

Round 2 of the Kenda/SRT West Hare Scramble Championship returned to Northern California's District 36, home of the Picacho Creek Hare Scramble hosted by the Salinas Ramblers. 

Established in 1934 the Ramblers have had a long history of putting on National caliber events including the Quicksilver National Enduro. This past weekend was no exception with 14 miles of the toughest single-track most riders will see all season long.

At the drop of the green flag for the Pro race it was KTM of Aspen's Ian Blythe with the holeshot followed by Purvines Racing's Nuck Burson and Sierra motorsports backed Anson Maloney onto the course. Burson would make a "hairball" pass on Blythe on the first lap and would take control while reigning champion Cory Graffunder would put his SRT Off-Road KTM 300 into third.

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Burson and Blythe would make a break from the field on lap two, taking their battle out front on their own, while factory Husqvarna's Jacob Argubright would get past Graffunder on lap 2 but would not be able to hold off his advances falling back to 4th for the remainder of the race. 

Into the pits just before the end of the 3rd lap, Burson stopped for goggles handing over the lead to Blythe. Now with clean air, Blythe pushed as hard as he could through the tight stuff getting to the checkered flag exactly one-minute ahead of Burson. Graffunder would come across nearly a minute and a half later followed by Argubright and RMR/KTM's Travis Coy in 5th.

In the FMF Pro 250 Class Round 1 winner Dante Oliveira looked to have his hands full in a four-way battle with 707 Suspension team mates Dillon Sheppard and Max Parker with SRT Off-Road's JT Baker making an early push to lead lap 2 and 3. Sheppard would make a last lap pass and take the win by one-second over Parker and Oliveira. 

In the morning A and B Women’s Sophia Oliveira got the early lead. After a race long battle with Sharon Mowell, Oliveira would take win Mowell and Brianna Vinsonhaler. 

In the Vintage class and C class, Timmy Roberts would cross the finish line physically 3rd but after starting 3 minutes behind would not only take the Race 1 overall by 42 seconds but would also take the C 250 win and the local C 250 2-stroke win.


1. Ian Blythe (KTM); 2. Nicholas Burson (BET); 3. Cory Graffunder (KTM); 4. Jacob Argubright (HUS); 5. Travis Coy (KTM); 6. Justin Bonita (YAM); 7. Joey Fiasconaro (KTM); 8. Kevin Rookstool (SUZ); 9. Axel Pearson (BET); 10. Ryan Powell (KTM); 11. Justin Morgan (YAM); 12. Anson Maloney (KTM); 13. Justin Sanders (YAM); 14. Steven Godman (KTM); 15. Patrick Garrahan (KTM); 16. Dillon Sheppard (YAM); 17. Max Parker (KTM); 18. Dante Oliveira (KTM); 19. Jt Baker (HUS); 20. Kyle Redmond (BET)


Photos: Grumpy

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Rnd 1 – Jan 16/17 – Polka Dots – Prairie City, CA

Rnd 2 – Feb 13/14 – Salinas – Coalinga, CA *No Atv

Rnd 3 –  Mar 19/20  – Prospectors – Gorman, CA

Rnd 4 – Apr 9/10  – Redding Dirt Riders – Reddding, CA *No Atv

Rnd 5 –  May 21 – SSTB – Panaca, NV *No Atv

Rnd 6 – Sept 3  – Vikings – Lucerne Valley, CA

Rnd 7 – Oct 1/2 – RoadRunners – Ocitillo Area, CA

Rnd 8 – Nov 5  – Darkside – Logandale, NV *No Atv