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Covid Crusher Extreme Enduro this weekend, May 23 

North American Extreme Enduro gets back into action this weekend, May 23, with the South East Extreme Riders (SEER) Covid Crusher Extreme Enduro at Hollytree, Alabama.


The SEER events team are back in action post lockdown with an appropriately-named Covid Crusher Extreme which will run three classes – Gold, Silver and Bronze – with Gold and Silver sharing the same track and the battle for overall wins. Current overall leaders are Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wentzel and Chuck DeLullo. 

All races feature a Pro purse for the overall winners and two of the races are GPS guided events, including the Sasquatch Extreme GPS in June and the Night Squatch in September running in the dark – sounds awesome to us.   

2020 SEER events list:

The Covid Crusher Extreme – Hollytree, AL, May 23

The Sasquatch Extreme GPS – TN, June 20, 2020

Battle of the Goats, NC – August 1, 2020

Saddleback Extreme, KY – September 5, 2020

The Night Squatch, TN – September 19, 2020

The Cliffhanger, AL – October 17, 2020


More details including entries: SEER-Racing.com 

Or the SEER – South East Extreme Riders Association – Facebook page

Photo Credit: Larry Mayo
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