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Italian ISDE Team riders announced for Portugal 2019

The Italian Motorcycle Federation announces Trophy, Junior and Club riders and teams for the 94th FIM International Six Days Enduro in Portugal.


Set for a date in Portimao on November 11-16, the Italian national teams announced this week for the 2019 ISDE are looking strong with a world class rider line-up.

Italy have some act to follow after taking the Junior Trophy and Club Trophy victories in Chile last year plus the World Trophy team placing on the podium behind Australia and USA.

2019 Italian International Six Days line-up:

World Trophy team:

Matteo Cavallo. Born in Ceva (CN) on 11/10/1995. Moto: Sherco. Team: Sherco-Ch Racing. Moto Club: G.S. Gold Flames. ISDE Class: E1

Davide Guarneri. Born in Lovere (BG) on 25/03/1985. Motorcycle: Honda. Team: Honda Red Moto Lunigiana Enduro. Moto Club: Sebino. ISDE Class: E2

Rudy Moroni. Born in Bergamo on 04/28/1990. Motorcycle: KTM. Team: KTM-Farioli. Moto Club: Lake Iseo. ISDE Class E3.

Thomas Oldrati. Born in Bergamo on 20/07/1989. Motorcycle: Honda. Team: Honda Racing Red Moto. Moto Club: G.S. Gold Flames. ISDE Class: E1

Junior Trophy team:

Matteo Pavoni. Born in Gavardo (BS) on 04/27/1998. Motion: Beta. Team: Costa Ligure Beta Boano Racing. Moto Club: Lumezzane. ISDE Class: E3

Claudio Spanu. Born in Nuoro on 10/23/1999. Motorcycle: Husqvarna. Team: Osellini Moto. Moto Club: Dorgali. ISDE Class: E1

Andrea Verona. Born in Thiene (VI) on 04/22/1999. Motion: TM. Team: TM Factory Racing. Moto Club: La Marca Trevigiana. ISDE Class: E1

Club Team:

Simone Cristini. Born in Brescia on 08/07/2001. Motorcycle: KTM. Team: Gtg Motogamma. Moto Club: Lake Iseo. ISDE Class: E1.

Manolo Morettini. Born in Alzano Lombardo (BG) on 09/15/2001. Motorcycle: KTM. Team: KTM Farioli. Moto Club: Bergamo section Pontenossa. ISDE Class: E1

Enrico Zilli. Born in Fidenza (PR) on 06/11/1999. Motorcycle: Husqvarna. Team: Osellini Moto. Moto Club: Pavia. ISDE Class: E2

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Strength in depth

Davide Guarneri and Thomas Oldrati are the most experienced riders in the team and will be joined in the Trophy team in Portugal by Rudy Moroni and Matteo Cavallo, the latter winner of the 2018 Junior Trophy. 

Andrea Verona will be the captain of the Junior Trophy team alongside Matteo Pavoni, third with the team in 2016 and 2015 plus Claudio Spanu, winner of the Club rankings last year in Chile

The Italian Club team sees Enrico Zilli returen for his second experience of ISDE competition while Simone Cristini and Manolo Morettini will debut.

“We will arrive at the Six Days as reigning champions both with the Junior team and with the Club, an aspect that will give the kids a lot of energy without putting pressure on them.” Explains IMF Technical Commissioner, Cristian Rossi. 

“The newcomers in their respective teams have a lot of experience gained at international level. We will try to repeat the results from last year. Our goal will be the podium in all three classes in Portimao. We are aware of how good our rivals are of course but we are sure we will be able to give the maximum for an important event.”

The two notable exceptions form the Trophy Team for 2019 are Ales Salvini and Giacomo Redondi. Salvini is not able to race primarily due to the impending birth of his first child at that time.

Vintage boys reunion

At the Six Days 2019 Stefano Passeri, Mario Rinaldi and Giovanni Sala are also racing under the Italian colours in the Vintage Trophy class.

In the photo from left to right: behind, World Trophy: Cristian Rossi, Rudy Moroni, Thomas Oldrati, Matteo Cavallo, Davide Guarneri, Franco Gualdi. Club: Simone Cristini, Manolo Morettini, Enrico Zilli. Junior Trophy: Matteo Pavoni, Andrea Verona, Claudio Spanu.

Photo Credit: Dario Agrati
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