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From Graham Jarvis’ winning ride at Erzbergrodeo to Jonny Walker’s swimming ride at Extreme Lagares, here are our top five Extreme and Hard Enduro onboard POV videos. 


Graham Jarvis Onboard at Erzbergrodeo 2019 

We could have used any onboards for a masterclass in riding technique here but Graham's relentless, shark-like ride from well down the order to rip past his world-class rivals was legendary at Erzberg 2019. The brutal Carl’s Dinner rock section was the defining moment of the race which saw Graham take control and go on to his fifth victory. 


Jonny Walker onboard at Extreme Lagares prologue 2019

Yes, that water splash. Infamous onboard footage from Mr Walker in the iconic city prologue in Porto, Portugal. Check the battle through the tight streets and that soggy ending….


Pol Tarres 81st to 9th at Erzbergrodeo 2019

We love this video for the bare bones reality of what it is like to race in the pack at Erzbergrodeo. If you’ve never raced it this is how it looks – although you’ll never get an idea how it feels until you do it!

Tarres has an unbelievable ride from a second row start after a poor qualification to work his way through the field and finish inside the top 10. Witness the struggle...


Mario Roman chasing Graham Jarvis at Sea-to-Sky 2019

The mountain run at Sea to Sky is relentless and the speed with which Mario and Graham tackle it is impressive. We love this video because it shines light on the reality for two pro riders chasing and racing at the front of tough hard enduro as they head into the clouds and the mountian top in Turkey. 


Manuel Lettenbichler at Romaniacs 2019

Cometh the hour, cometh the man they say and Romaniacs 2019 was the WESS season defining ride for eventual overall World Champion, Manuel Lettenbichler.

The final day in the mountains was an epic chase between the lead riders eventually with Alfredo Gomez and Lettenbichler racing like it was enduro, not Hard Enduro. It all boiled down to the final hillclimbs in a quarry...


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