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Red Bull Romaniacs 2019 Live coverage and TV broadcast details revealed

The Red Bull Romaniacs ‘Sweet 16’ edition will kick off on July 30 and the details about the TV coverage and live coverage and improved live timing have been released.  


The Red Bull Romaniacs, the infamous Hard Enduro rally, is just over one month away now beginning July 30 and organisers have revealed details of the TV coverage, live timing and the brands that will collaborate with the event. 

This year will commemorate the 16th edition of the race, hence the ‘Sweet 16’ tag line. The ruthless crew putting the event together are promising “surprises” for the riders – it was ever the case though right?!

The good news for the fans not going through the madness is the live broadcast, timing and news services are being improved for 2019. 

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Live Broadcast 

The live broadcast through Red Bull TV will start with the Prologue finals on the afternoon of July 30. 

Like 2018, the fourth and last day of racing (August 3) will also see a broadcast live from the finish line (with tat infamous last hillclimb) at Gusterita quarry. 

Live Timing 

During the Prologue’s qualifications every rider’s time will be shown. For those progressing through to the finals, timing will also show the number of laps completed and the times.

For the four days of off road racing (July 30 to August 3) the position of every rider within their class will be refreshed at every checkpoint. Additionally, the overall will be continuously updated depending on the live results.

To search for riders introduce their name, race number or nationality on the Red Bull Romaniacs results pages

Live news 

The Sweet 16 Edition will also see more from a ‘live news team’ providing a better and wider net across the day’s racing. 

The live team will be spread through the early morning starts, checkpoints, refuelling points and the finish lines to provide updated race news. Some will also be out riding the track to capture the action at the key points first hand. 

All that content will be sent to the HQ back in Sibiu, located at the paddock, and published on the race’s social media channels. 

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Also, of course, Enduro21 will bring you all the results and the best of the action and insight to the mighty Romaniacs event so stay tuned. 

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