Results feed: 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship final, Spain

Full results listing as it happens from the final round of the 2019 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Bilbao, Spain.


Cody Webb wins the battle but Colton Haaker, somehow, wins the war in a super-dramatic SuperEnduro Night in Bilbao, Spain. 

Final night of the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship in a nutshell:

  • Prestige final one saw carnage in a triple log section which eventually caused a red flag, a restart and one of the logs removed to ease the carnage on a physically tough track on the forearms. The race saw Webb close the points gap to Haaker, who finished a distant third behind Blazusiak, down to six points.
  • Prestige final two delivered a typical Haaker and Webb battle. The track, lappers and the three main title contenders made mistakes. The result though was Haaker took a win to re-establish his points lead to nine over second placed Webb. Blazusiak was third who by now, realistically, was out of the title fight but settled in third.
  • Final three was breath taking. Just as you thought Haaker had it in the bag, sitting pretty in second behind Webb, he wobbled big-time. A final couple of laps showed the pressure had taken hold. 
  • Crash after crash dropped Haaker down to fifth and the title was Webb’s (who by this time had crossed the line and was watching the drama). But Alfredo Gomez pulled a team-mate move no-one could quite believe, blocking Pol Tarres in the final turn to allow Haaker to through himself over the line as champion. Webb, understandably wasn’t happy, neither was Tarres but Haaker was champion by hook or by crook.
  • As a results of his move to affect the results, Gomez was disqualified from final three results.


Prestige Final 1 – Webb closes the gap: 

SuperEnduro 2019 Bilbao results Prestige final1


Prestige Final 2 – Haaker draws breath: 

SuperEnduro Bilbao 2019 Prestige final 2 results


Prestige Final 3 – Webb wins the battle but Haaker wins the war:

SuperEnduro Bilbao results Prestige final 3


Prestige Superpole – Webb hottest of hot laps:

Bilbao 2019 Superpole results



Juniors Final 1 – Apolle on a mission:

SuperEnduro 2019 bilbao results junior heat 1


Juniors Final 2 – Grinfelds gets it:

SuperEnduro Bilbao Junior final 2 results


Juniors Final 3: 


SuperEnduro Bilbao juniors final 3 results

European Final 1 – Bury wins by a mile:

SuperEnduro 2019 Bilbao results Europe heat 1


European Final 2 – Scharl's win:

SuperEnduro Bilbao results European class 2


Photo Credit: Future7Media
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