2019 SuperEnduro World Championship showdown: track details revealed

The details of the Bizkaia Arena track hosting to the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship showdown this weekend in Bilbao from the man who’s building it.


With the final round of the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship rapidly approaching this weekend in Bilbao, we spoke to Marcos Beraza, the guy in charge of building the track.

A national level enduro rider in Spain, Beraza also works as a heavy machinery operator, so basically he’s a good guy to have building the track.


Bilbao SuperEnduro track2


 “The track looks really good this year in my opinion.” Says Marcos. “We have come up with some innovations that make it better, but I’ll say that mostly we have maintained the style of the previous years. It will be a technical track,” admitted Beraza.

“For example, the start will be located in the centre of the track and the riders will go out towards the stands.” 

Eight metre start straight with a chicane...

“Its also not a straight line, they will have eight metres of straight and then a chicane. We have also put another extra sand corner so there will be two of them this year, and there will be rocks at the start and finish of these sections. 

“Then as usual there are logs and logs and more logs! We are also going to make the finish jump a little bit bigger so the public can enjoy it more.”

“Finally, we are thinking of doing a double but the landing will have rocks in it so most of the riders will roll it and if someone decides to jump it can make the difference in the race. I expect to be some close racing as the previous years, and with the title not being decided I hope we can see some surprises.”

We’re hoping so too Marcos…


Bilbao SuperEnduro track3

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