5 minutes with: Will Hoare – the man in charge of Junior SuperEnduro 2019

Five minutes interview with the man of the moment in the SuperEnduro Junior World Championship, Will Hoare, the rider to beat in 2019.


Will Hoare’s 2019 SuperEnduro season arrived with a bang at round one in Poland with a perfect scorecard and the championship lead straight off the bat. 

Since then the British privateer rider has gone on to grow a 43-point championship lead with consistent and race-winning performances of six wins from nine heat races and never off the podium.

The 20-year-old from Yorkshire, England can ordinarily be found training and track building at a family run business, Parkwood Off Road Centre

Heading to round four of the season in Hungary, February 9, we caught up with Will to ask what’s going on, where has his 2019 form arrived from and what’s the secret to success in SuperEnduro Juniors…


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First things first, this season of SuperEnduro has gone really well for you, did you expect this level of results?

Will Hoare: “Not to be big-headed or anything but I did expect to do well at the start of the season. I’ve done two [Junior SuperEnduro] full seasons now and know what I need to do in this championship. I know how I’ve done in the past, know what it takes to get the speed and I’ve put in the hours training to get there. I just needed to put it together this year and I’ve managed that.”

You came out your corner swinging as it were with the perfect scorecard at round one, that set you up nicely…

“Yeah, the first round went really well, I won every race and when you put together a meeting like that you can build on it. You feel confident and that result makes you confident. 

“In round two I didn’t win every race but made the best of it and came away leading the championship and then round three went well again really to leave me with a good points lead.” 

Without getting too personal, you look physically fitter and stronger this season, has that been a key element for you?

“Yeah definitely, I’ve been training a lot more off the bike with a mate of mine to build overall fitness. It is a tough sport physically even though the races only last eight minutes or whatever, it is incredibly hard work.

“That and on-bike training because there’s no substitute for that. It is a bit hard in the winter where we live with the weather (north of England) and that can hamper things but we went out to northern Spain ahead of round three to do some training as well in better weather and that helped.”


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What is the most important area of your training would you say? 

“The Crossfit training and knocking out the eight-minute motos on the bike so you’re training for the race length and conditioning yourself for the race helps.”

The SuperEnduro Junior class can be unpredictable and chaotic so what is the key to success and avoiding the snarl-ups especially in those second moto, reverse grid starts?

“Riding smooth is important and keep hitting your lines and markers – keep doing what you’re doing basically through a race. The second motos can throw up problems when riders crash in front of you but keep doing what you were doing and it comes to you.”

Having a second set of eyes can help, what role has Tom Sagar been playing for you at the races?

“Just having another British person out there at the races in different countries helps. Tom knows what he’s doing but is also watching what others are doing and is helping me spot what the other riders are doing on track. You can’t watch the other races, the Pro riders, because the timings of our sessions, so having a second set of eyes and relaying what Colton, Cody or whoever are doing helps.”


The fourth round of the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship resumes this weekend, February 9 in the Papp Laszlo Sport Arena, Budapest, Hungary.


Photo Credit: Future7Media, Tristan Young/Vision Media
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