Dislocated elbow for Gomez after first turn SuperEnduro tangle

Alfredo Gomez has dislocated his elbow following this first-turn incident at round two of the 2019 SuperEnduro World Championship in Germany – this crash picture sequence shows how it happened. 


This crash sequence of images shows how tight things were at the Riesa track on Saturday night and ultimately how those few split seconds unfolded. As the gate dropped for the start of Prestige Final one, initially things are pretty equal. 


 SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 03075 Enduro21 560


Alfredo pulls the pin from gate five on his TE300i Husky two-stroke – with a longer start staright this surely would have been his holeshot.


 SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 03081 enduro21 560


As Gomez gets a wheel ahead of his rivals, Taddy Blazusiak and Colton Haaker are trading elbows on the inside. 


 SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 03082 Enduro21 560


The large tree stump on the inside is the focal point for the riders at the apex of turn one, something Taddy can not avoid from the inside. Four-into-one is proving difficult maths as Gallas (#71) is already backing out of the squeeze.


 SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 03087 Enduro21 560


Taddy and Colton give no quarter and collide, causing Haaker to run across the path of Webb deeper into the turn and tangling bars of his team-mate, Gomez.


start SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 02411 low Enduro21 560


Rubbing is racing they say and no racers want to injure each other. Equally, no racer wants to give up that valuable space they gained in the short run to the first turn, no matter how small it is. If anything the track has some questions to answer with a very short run from the gate to a super-tight first 90°right-hander. 


 SuperEnduro 2019 Rnd 2 03092 Enduro21 560


The outcome clearly wasn't good for Alfredo Gomez who was forced to miss the three races on the night. Alfredo was stretchered off and eventually diagnosed with nothing broken but a painful dislocation of the left elbow. Get well soon Alfredo and get back on those lightning starts.


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Photo Credit: Future7Media/Robert Lynn/Andrea Belluschi
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