Industry feature: Galfer, the power behind the pads

Galfer brake discs, pads and brake lines are a feature of many off road motorcycles, race teams and world championships – we’ve taken a closer look at the story behind the name.


Fitted as original equipment to more enduro and off road bikes than you might think, Galfer is a braking component manufacturer that most of us using any form of two wheeled bike are familiar with – whether we know it or not.

Galfer have been making brake materials and components for everything from Enduro to MTB, TrialGP, WSBK and MotoGP for over half a century, since the company's foundation in 1952.

steve.holcombe EnduroGP 2019 Galfer 560

The discs, pads and brake lines are all designed and manufactured in a 6000 sq. metre factory at Granollers next to the Circuit de Catalunya, north of Barcelona. The history of Galfer stretches back decades to a time when bikes needed brake shoes not pads (remember them?).

Galfer Factory Barcelona 560

Galfer currently supplies original equipment (OEM) on new models from the following:

  • KTM (Road and Off-Road): 100% of production
  • Husqvarna (Road and Off-Road): 100% of production
  • Beta (Enduro and Trial): 85% of production
  • Sherco (Enduro and Trial): 50% of production
  • TM Racing (Enduro): 90% of production
  • Rieju (Road and Off-Road): 100% of production
  • Montesa (Trial): 100% of production
  • TRS (Trial): 100% of production
  • Vertigo (Trial): 100% of production
mario.roman ErzbergRodeo Galfer 560

World Championship racing leading development

Off road sport is an extremely demanding place and Galfer knows that to keep improving its products and performance it mst work with the best riders and teams in the world. 

A close collaboration with factory race teams helps development and the result is championship titles in MotoGP, WSBK, MXGP, AMA SX, EnduroGP, TrialGP, Supermotard and globally many national level championships.

Galfer riders have won more than 45 world titles in different disciplines including Marc Márquez, Alex Márquez, Jorge Lorenzo, Maverick Viñales, Joan Mir, Jorge Martin, Steve Holcombe, Jason Anderson, Kiara Fontanesi, Toni Bou, Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow. 

At EnduroGP, riders using Galfer components include the Beta Factory Racing team and World Champion Steve Holcombe. In Extreme and Hard Enduro Mario Roman leads the way.


Galfer Moto products overview:

Brake Pads

As we all know, brake pads are a fundamental element in any brake system. They're directly responsible for transmitting the power of the caliper to the brake disc. Galfer has developed specifics compounds for each type and model of motorcycle, looking to offer top performances in all conditions.


  • Powerful, progressive & smooth brake
  • Low wear rate and minimum noise
  • Maximum resistance to the fade effect
  • Efficiency in wet conditions
  • No wear on brake disc
  • 12 different compounds to choose in semi-metal and/or sintered metal

More information about Galfer brake pad product range here:

FD Sinter fabricacion Galfer 1200

Brake Discs

The “Wave Disc” represents the best example of research and development by Galfer. Laser cut, stainless steel with a high carbon content, they are a direct replacement component and bolts on just like a stock disc.


  • Lower weight of the unsprung masses
  • More braking power
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Less tendency to warp
  • Maintains cleaner the contact surface pad-disc
  • Improve and personalize the motorcycle aesthetic
  • Anodized or chromed high resistance aluminium (7075 T6 - 6082 T6) or stainless steel (AISI 420) carrier
  • 14 different types of Disc Wave
  • All “Disc Wave” models with the same original disc size of the motorcycle are certified by TÜV (KBA nº 61147 / 61148)

More information about Galfer brake disc product range here:

Galfer LASER Disc cutting 560

Brake Lines 

Galfer metal brake hoses claim an improved performance by more than 30% over stock parts as they have a much lower expansion coefficient. They are made of materials of the highest quality: braided stainless steel coated with PVC for the outside.


  • Improves direct touch: strong, consistent and more accurate.
  • Direct connection to the brake pump caliper.
  • Increased speed of response.
  • Do not corrode and resist the highest temperatures.
  • Complete kits brake and clutch with 1, 2 or 3 tubes for each specific motorcycle model.
  • (tubes for off-road motorcycles include a protective sheath).
  • Fittings and reusable supplied exploded.
  • Tubes available in three colours (transparent, black and carbon) and fittings available in silver brass quality.

More information about Galfer brake hose product range here:

Galfer Disc Wave Stack 560

The full range of Galfer braking parts extends to brake shoes, complete braking kits, brackets for oversize parts, stickers and an apparel range of hats and more can all be found at:



Photo Credit: Galfer + Future7Media + KTM
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