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First Look: Scott Sports new Gear Collection for off road and motocross

Scott Sports introduce their new Gear collection of Enduro and MX riding kit which includes the new, 450 Gear – “the most comfortable kit you’ll ever ride in.” 


Scott Sports have launched their latest clothing range for off road motorcycle sports. The new Gear Collection encompasses motocross, enduro and off road specialist clothing aimed at meeting all riding conditions. 

There are four sets to choose from in the new range: the 450 Gear, 350 Gear, 350 Swap and Enduro Gear collections from the Swiss brand gives a broad range of options for colours.

Scott 450Podium full kit 560

450 Gear range

The 450 gear is the top-of-the-line riding kit from Scott and uses lightweight and breathable materials which Scott is calling “the most comfortable kit you will wear on a bike.” 

The 450 Gear range features three different styles: Podium, Noise and Angled Light – the Light constructed with higher ventilation. 

The pants are built to be lightweight and breathable and feature Buffalo leather knee reinforcements as well as Velcro waist tabs. The jerseys are “highly ventilated and moisture wicking” and have a low-profile collar to allow better neck brace fitting.  

The 450 gloves feature a lightweight upper span with a one-piece closure at the base of the wrist. The palms use Clarino leather with silicone patches on the fingers for a better feeling of the levers.

Scott Sports 450 Gear Enduro21 560

350 Gear range

The 350 Gear line-up combines breathability and lightweight materials to make you feel comfortable when you ride. With three options to choose from: Race, Dirt or Track. 

The 350 pants are built using a new abrasion resistant main fabric and have an articulated fit, plus stretch and vent panels to make them more comfortable. They also feature leather inner knees with “ballistic nylon backing” for extra protection, Scott claims. The jerseys are lightweight, breathable and designed to allow a improved mobility. 

The 350 gloves focus on bringing the best value for money according to Scott. Like the 450 gloves, the 350 shares the same Clarino palm construction with a “low profile” Velcro closure strap. 

 Scott Sports 360 Jersey Enduro21 560

350 Swap range

The 350 Swap “offers flexible mobility allowing for a comfortable, yet responsive fit,” according to Scott. With multiple colours to choose from you can mix and match your 350 Swap jersey and pants. 

Designed for the entry level rider, the 250 Swap gloves (there are no 350 Swap gloves) use a one-piece synthetic leather palm and silicone tacky on the fingers for a better feel of the levers. These gloves have no closure strap as they are built using a slip-on style. 

Scott Sport Enduro Gear Enduro21 560

Enduro Gear 

The Enduro Gear range is built with a tougher construction to make it more durable so it meets the needs of the enduro rider better. 

The pants have reinforced knees to bring an extra protective layer and dual zipped vent panels so you can open them when conditions get hotter. They also feature a zipped pocket in the side to keep your valuables close by. 

The jersey is built with a high collared neck and mesh side ventilation to make it a “complete enduro jersey” Scott claims.  The Enduro gloves have knuckle and finger protection with a Velcro closure to give more protection and secure a better fit.  

There’s also a healthy range of kids riding clothing from Scott Sports and all sets come in a standard sizing options (28-38inch pants/S-XXL jersey).

Scott Sports Gloves Enduro21 560


450 Gear: Jersey €58.00/£47.50 – Pants €179.00/£145.00 – Gloves €45.00 /£35.00

350 Gear: Jersey €49.00/£37.50 – Pants €139.00/£100.00 – Gloves €35.00/£27.00

350 Swap: Jersey €45.00/£37.50 – Pants €139.00/£100.00 – 250 Swap Gloves €30.00 /£23.00

Enduro Gear: Jersey €60.00/£50.00 – Pants €185.00/£150.00 – Gloves €45.00 /£37.50





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