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Tarroux and Larrieu share Champagne at French Enduro Championship round 3

The third round of the French Enduro Championship saw Jeremy Tarroux, Loïc Larrieu and Christophe Nambotin dominant across two days at at Bar-Sur-Seine, Champagne.


The Champagne producing region hosted the third round of the French Enduro Championship this past weekend, June 8-9. The Motoclub Gyé-Champagne organized a typical French enduro loop with three special tests, the majority of them running in grass fields, which riders had to complete three times each day. 

Continuing with their winning runs in senior classes, Jeremy Tarroux in E1, Loic Larrieu in E2 and Christophe Nambotin in E3 gave no chance to their rivals and added 40 points more to their championship standings. 

Overall across the two days, as well as winning their classes Tarroux on day one and Larrieu on day two took the scratch fastest times.  


Watch the day two video highlights here:


E1 class 

Jeremy Tarroux managed to win both days having a really good ride on Saturday when he topped both the E1 class and the overall. The Sherco rider only conceded one test of the 18 contested during the weekend. 

Magain is showing that he is building his speed and that he can be a threat for the championship in the future after scoring a double second place finish this weekend. Julien Gauthier, the former E1 champion, didn’t have his best weekend with two third places and is losing his options to retain the title. 

E1 class championship after round three:

Jeremy Tarroux - 120 Pts
Julien Gauthier - 98 Pts
Rodrig Thain - 72 Pts

Larrieu French Enduro rnd4 2019 560

E2 class

Loïc Larrieu was on his prime this weekend after winning the E2 class both days and topping the overall on Sunday. Even a fall on Saturday’s second test that cost him 10 seconds didn’t hold him back from getting a double win again. 

The fight for the second and third places on the E2 class was fierce between Hugo Blanjoue and Theo Espinasse. Blanjoue took second place on Saturday but only by five-tenths of a second ahead of Espinasse. On Sunday Espinasse was able to turn the tables and scored a second place, relegating Blanjoue to the last podium spot. Both of them are now in a draw for points in the championship. 

E2 class championship after round three:

Loïc Larrieu - 120 Pts
Hugo Blanjoue - 92 Pts
Théo Espinasse - 92 Pts

Namobtin French Enduro rnd4 2019 560

E3 class

Christophe Nambotin managed to top the E3 class both days despite not showing the pace he had on the previous rounds. His closest championship rival Anthony Geslin didn’t have a good weekend with two four places and now Nambotin holds a 28 point advantage on him.

Valentin Richaud, Nambotin’s teammate, showed some good progress this weekend and was able to be second on Saturday and third on Sunday. Thanks to his good results he has also climbed from seventh to fifth in the championship. Jeremy Miroir, third on Saturday, didn’t had luck on his side on Sunday and was slowed down by the technical issues his bike suffered. On the contrary, David Abgrall saved his weekend with a second place finish on Sunday after his fifth place the previous day. 

E3 Championship after round three:

Christophe Nambotin - 120 Pts
Anthony Geslin - 92 Pts
David Abgrall - 88 Pts

Antoine Criq French Enduro rnd4 2019 560

Junior Class

Antoine Criq goes one-one both days and steals the first place in the championship standings from Nathan Bererd. Bererd put a strong opposition to Criq on Saturday but an on-fire Enzo Marchal snatched the second place from him by just two seconds. On Sunday both riders exchanged their podium results with Bered second and Marchal third.

On the Junior E2 Till Declercq had an easy win both days and now holds a 40 point advantage over the second rider. On Saturday Léo Le Quéré and Luc Fargier got their first podium results of the season been second and third respectively. Le Quéré repeated his result on Sunday with his teammate Thibaut Passet third. 

Neels Theric was looking like he was going to get the win but a fall on the first test in the third lap forced him to retire, he also decided not to race on Sunday. Max Vial took the win both days in front of Victor Wenderoth, who leaves the third round first in the point standings. 

Till De clercq Enduro France 560

Junior Championship after round three:
Junior E1

Antoine Criq - 108 Pts
Nathan Bererd - 102 Pts
Enzo Marchal - 79 Pts

Junior E2 

Till Declercq - 120 Pts
Leo Le Quéré -80 Pts
Nicolas Mazieres - 79 Pts

Junior E3 

Victor Wenderoth - 101 Pts
Max Vial - 94 Pts
Neels Theric - 70 Pts

Juliette Berez French Enduro rnd4 2019 560

Women’s class 

Juliette Berrez made her return to the French championship at the third round and won on Saturday but a fall on Sunday forced her to retire. Former champion Justine Martel was second on the opening day and first on Sunday. Elodie Chaplot was third on Saturday and also benefited from Berrez’s DNF on Sunday when she was second. Justine Geisler made it to third on Sunday. 

Women's Championship after round three:

Justine Martel - 117 Pts
Elodie Chaplot - 96 Pts
Justine Geisler - 90 Pts


The next round for the French Enduro Championship will be held by the MC Goudelin Le Merzer on July 27-28.

More information: enduro-france.fr 


Photo credit: Enduro France
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