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Enduro Engineering brake pedal tips – a simple upgrade to help improve your riding.


It’s the small things that can make a big difference to your riding, right? Having a stronger and grippier pedal for your right toe to connect with has to be one of those things.

The EE brake pedal tip is designed to be stronger than the standard part. They are made in the USA from high-grade stainless steel.

The pedal tips are available in different sizes: 35mm and 45mm. The standard size is 35mm so you can either upgrade to standard or ‘go large’ with the 45mm.


Enduro Engineering Brake Pedal Tips Enduro21 2 560


The pedals shown are to fit KTM models and fitting is a simple process of removing the two bolts and refitting with some fresh thread lock. You'll notice also there are two position options for different foot sizes and/or preference.

They fit across many EXC/SX models and years as most use the same foot brake lever tip – though please check your model and EE part numbers.

Enduro Engineering’s brake pedal tips are one of those ‘why didn’t fit get one of these before’ kind of parts. To find out we're going to give these a test and let you know. 

Prices: $29.95

Information: enduroeng.com



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Jon Pearson
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